About Alex Podgurski

Alex Podgurski is a man who understands the innermost workings of the digital marketing sphere. With a number of successful business ventures under his belt, Alex has proven his expertise and flexed his creative and entrepreneurial muscles throughout his career.

Currently, Alex Podgurski is spearheading his most recent venture, APR Media, a firm that specializes in affiliate marketing, marketing, and media buying. Some of the specific services that the company offers include new media, media buying, content creation, and content publishing.  The company’s client base extends from San Diego to Puerto Rico, where Alex is presently located.

Overall, Alex Podgurski enjoys his career, especially when he is able to aid others in creatively solving problems, implementing new tactics, or growing their businesses in general. His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed Alex to start several businesses throughout his 16 years as a professional, giving him key insight into today’s workforce.

Alex Podgurski’s knack for learning started at a young age, when he became interested in the potential of technology. After experimenting with computer gaming and writing his own video games, Alex eventually became interested in digital marketing and its expansive potential. This led him to focus on web design and sharing video game reviews, and his ultimate transition into digital marketing.

Throughout his time working as an entrepreneur, Alex Podgurski has had the opportunity to experience many successes, while learning from his failures as well. This has not only allowed him to learn from his past mistakes, but to apply to his work now.

To glean further insight into Alex Podgurski’s career and background, be sure to visit his website at AlexPodgurski.com.